Sunset Lamp

by KNS Pvt Ltd
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This kit is based on the principle of Light dependent resistor . Thus when the sun sets the ambient light in the environment decreases and thus the light glows up.


Things which you will learn:

*Application of NE555 in bi stable mode.
*Concepts related to the working of Light Dependent Resistors.
*Application of TRIAC BT136.
*Application of Zener Diode.

Product Description

Build this automatic sunset light , which will light up when its dusk and will help in conserving electricity .


The circuit uses popular timer IC NE555 as a Schmitt trigger to give the bistable action. The set and reset functions of the comparators within the NE555 are used to give the instantaneous action. The upper threshold comparator of IC1 trips at 2/3Vcc, while the lower trigger comparator trips at 1/3Vcc.The inputs of both the threshold and the trigger of NE555 are tied together and connected to the voltage divider formed by LDR1 and
VR1. The voltage across LDR1 depends on the light intensity.

In daylight, LDR1 has low resistance and the input voltage to the threshold comparator goes above 2/3Vcc and its output becomes zero, and the lamp remains off.
At sunset, the resistance of LDR1 increases, and the voltage at the input of the threshold comparator decreases below 2/3Vcc and that of the trigger comparator goes below 1/3Vcc. As a result, the outputs of threshold and trigger comparators go high. Thus it completes the power supply to the lamp through triac1. LED1 glows to indicate the high output state.


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