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Interesting sessions at IEW 2018

Acquire IoT: It is interesting to know how data flows in an intelligent internet of things environment. This time at IEW 2018 you will get a glimpse of how automation is driving data acquisition to be carried out at a low cost and effective way. Profit from IoT starts here.


Blockchain conference: Blockchain is undoubtedly the hot topic this year and IEW 2018 has it. Learn how you can leverage blockchain in the fields of finance, healthcare, Internet of Things and banking. Blockchain is based on digital ledger which transparent in its operation, accessible to all globally and super secure. This technology will transform the future of business and technology and you cannot afford to miss any videos in the series presented here.


Profit from IoT: Profit form IoT is back again. This extraordinary track at IEW 2018 can tell you how exactly can we make a profit from IoT is something which you have to hear from people who turned into experts; who actually have made profits through IoT. Learn some important tips and ideas given by them.


Analyse IoT: Internet of Things is reaching its pinnacle of integrating physical life entities to an unprecedented scale. Its time you know how connected devices can improve the way machines work, how data acquired from IoT can lead to better healthcare solution, how artificial intelligence could improve the existing methodologies and how analysis as a whole could propel the industries of tomorrow.


Real-World IoT Security Conference (RISC)It is time you need to focus on innovative techniques, get actionable insights, and learn the best security practices to secure your Internet of Things or cyber-physical system. All the talks you see here were delivered by cybersecurity professionals leveraging their real-world successes or failures. IEW 2018 has all of it in videos you ever need to know. 

Integrate IoT: Internet of Things is being used to scale business and go beyond. This edition of IEW 2018 reveals how product design can leverage IoT’s power and become a game changer in the field of communication, factory floors and even cars for that matter. Tune in before it’s too late.

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