Conference Video Bundle |  Real-World IoT Security Conference (RISC)

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Security breaches in IoT are real and despite years of research and firefighting, threats keep growing by the minute. About 72% of security professionals believe that lack of security is IoT’s biggest challenge. As IoT solutions transition from hype to real deployments, the need for developers to be trained on real-world techniques and practices to manage security is paramount.

What do you get?

This membership allows you access to all conference session videos from Real World Internet of Things Security Conference (RISC) 2017. Essentially, we believe that it would help you learn the types of attack, flaws, and vulnerabilities in the IoT ecosystem and how to hammer them just in case you know your systems have been compromised.

Video sessions include

  • WELCOME NOTE - By Mr. Shinto Joseph, Director - South East Asia Operations, LDRA
  • “IoT SECURITY: PREVENTING A GLOBAL DISASTER” - By Mr. Faud Khan, Chief Security Analyst, Twelvedot
  • “WHAT ARE THE BIGGEST IoT SECURITY THREATS, AND HOW DO WE TACKLE THEM?” - Moderated - By Mr. Kaustubha Parkhi, Insight Research
  • “PENTESTING AND ATTACKING INDUSTRIAL CONTROL SYSTEMS” - By Mr. Aditya Gupta, Founder and & Principal Consultant, Attify
  • “IoT IN HEALTHCARE AND ITS SECURITY” - By Ms.Minatee Mishra, Lead Engineer, Security Center of Excellence at Philips
  • “HOW TO PROTECT YOUR DEVICE FROM HARDWARE TROJANS?”- By Mr. Sudeendra Kumar K, National Institute of Technology Rourkela
  • “SECURITY THREATS IN IoT PARADIGM – A HYPE? OR A SCARY REALITY? –MODERATED” - By Mr. Narang N Kishor, Founder, Narnix Technolabs
  • “HOW TO IMPLEMENT SECURE CODING FOR IoT DEVICE” - By Mr. Deepu Chandran, Sr. Technical Consultant, LDRA Technology Pvt. Ltd
  • “HOW TO LEGALLY DEAL WITH A SECURITY BREACH AT WORK” – By Mr. Biju Nair, Executive Director,
  • “HOW NOT TO IMPLEMENT CYBERSECURITY IN INDUSTRIAL IoT” - By Mr. Rohan Vibhandik, Scientist – Cyber Intelligence, ABB

Videos are available at Real World Internet of Things Security Conference (RISC) 2017. These will be available to you after 3 hours of purchase.

About RISC 

RISC joins hands with future security architects, thought leaders and everyone who plays it close to the chest to secure and protect from us digital threats. Future of IoT requires everyone from chip vendors to software developers, through ODM’s to service providers to be involved in securing systems. What’s more, maintaining security goes beyond good encryption and will need every party in the supply chain to implement it in all systems and processes.

Grab! your opportunity to watch the videos of RISC and join hands with us in the next iterations of RISC in coming years.