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Attended an EFY conference and want to relive the experience? Under this Video Bundle you get access to all the conference videos by experts published on 

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This Video Bundle provides you access to all the conference videos, namely:

IEW Conference 2017

OSI Days 2017

OSI Days 2016

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Sessions at IEW 2017

Cyber-security: With hundreds of devices getting hacked every minute, technology proves to be a curse to each one of us. How to secure our devices and how to be protected is something to learn about. These are few actual real-time implementation ideas that are given by our experts.

Analytics: Analytics, Algorithms and Artificial Intelligence is transforming the world today with its immense real-time data and efficiency. There are numerous technologies that serve as the building blocks for analytics. To get a better picture watch these sessions given by our analysts.

Profit from IoT: Today, IoT is the buzzword around which the industry is revolving around, but how exactly can we make a profit from IoT is something which you have to hear from the mouth of the people who actually have made profits through IoT. These are the tips and ideas given by experts.

Smart Humans: The wave of the internet of things reaches the medical industries as well, improving the technologies in the healthcare to a drastic level. Watch our “Smart Humans” track videos to learn more about the actual implementation of IoT in the medical field. Watch medical electronics videos to know more.

Smart Industry: Nowadays, the term, the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), has become increasingly more pervasive in the context of the industry as digitization has become a business priority for many organizations. So what is IIoT and how are industries becoming smarter? Watch these to know more.

Smart Homes: Smart homes are a major step on the evolutionary ladder for making living more comfortable, convenient, secure, entertaining, and sustainable. More and smarter homes and cities are being developed now with the help of IoT. Check out what our experts have to say about the smarter world.

Workshops: Videos of the hands-on IoT prototyping workshops conducted by various experts from different fields. Watch the videos to learn more.

Sessions at OSI 2017

Role of open source in IoT development was a major theme with the conference. Experts talked about Organisational Evaluation, Adoption and Use of Open Source Software. Open Source solution story with Intelligent Cloud-Bigdata-IoT trio were a big hit with the audience as well.

Sessions at OSI Days 2016

Some interesting sessions at OSI include adoption of Open source in Motors, startups & government institutions. There were sessions on Leveraging Open Source for better customer complaints management also. Sessions were also held on large enterprises playing a role in the development and moving forward of the open source community.

Experts also talked about Big-data , Hybrid Cloud and automation through open source. Open stack was also a popular choice with enthusiasts at the conference.