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Slabs-32 IoT Development Board Save Rs. 1,300.00
Rs. 4,899.00
Rs. 3,599.00

Slabs-32 IoT Development Board

Slabs-32 IoT Development Board

by Startoon Labs
Save Rs. 1,300.00
Rs. 4,899.00
Rs. 3,599.00
Slabs-32 is a microcontroller based pocket-sized IoT Development board and is 100% Arduino IDE compatible. It is suitable for quick prototyping of various electronic systems in fields of robotics, biomedical PoCs, consumer electronics, hobby projects etc. All the software libraries required for using this board are available for free at the website. Almost all available sensors (gas, temperature, light, IR, ultrasonic to name a few) and motor drivers to drive DC motors, Stepper and servo motors, Solenoids, LEDs, Buzzers etc can be interfaced to the ports available on Slabs-32 IoT board. The user should take care of voltage level ratings before interfacing devices to Slabs-32 board.

This board is completely suitable for all IoT based projects/embedded systems design as it has a WiFi module, screen, and SD card slot already available on the PCB. The software is developed using Arduino IDE and example programs are available for free for quick development of projects.


The following learning is possible with this board:

  • Basics of programming and logic design using Arduino IDE

  • Interfacing sensors and actuators

  • Learn to send data to the server using WiFi protocol

  • Learn to display graphs

  • Learn to design visual games using onboard screen

  • Learn to build electronics systems quickly with already available software modules for all the peripherals

    And many more...

Product Description

Slabs-32 board uses a powerful combination of an 8-bit microcontroller- Atmega328P and Tensilica's 32-bit L106 diamond series microcontroller. This board combines the high processing capabilities of 32-bit microcontroller L106 and numerous GPIOs available for human-machine interface (HMI) on the Atmega328P.

    The Slabs-32 distinguishes itself from other currently available IoT development boards by having a high-resolution TFT to display the acquired data in real time. The acquired data can also be stored in the SD card (not included in the Kit) and simultaneously be pushed to the web server for further analysis and display at a remote location. Slabs-32 board is programmable using the famous Arduino IDE.

    With I2C as interprocessor communication libraries already available free for usage from Startoon Labs, Slabs-32 board facilitates a combination of processing power and sufficient GPIOs for all your complex prototyping needs. The board has built-in Wi-Fi support, a USB port for programming and debugging, an SD card slot, 5 analog inputs, 12 GPIOs (few having PWM capability) and an 8 MHz crystal. It has onboard LEDs for indication of power and bi-directional serial data transfer. There are independent reset switch and one user programmable interrupt button each for both the microcontrollers onboard.

    Package includes

    The product is shipped in a plastic box which includes the following items:

    • One Slabs-32 IoT development board in an ESD safe cover

    • One USB Mini B cable for programming

    • One mini quick start user guide

    • One Pin-map card for quick reference of interface pins on the Slabs-32 board.