EFY’s Most Popular EE Projects Part 1 [Soft Copy]

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Featuring 11 awesome electrical engineering projects, this 45-page e-book, provides electrical engineers a chance to get their hands dirty and brains working on fascinating projects.
These projects will test your knowledge of various concepts of electrical and electronics engineering. Check out product images to get an idea of the projects in the book. You may also want to check out our book on Electrical Projects Part 2.


  • Application of different IC's like NE555, CD4060, CD4047 multivibrator, audio amplifier etc.
  • Application LED, IR LED, Variable resistor and capacitor, inductor.
  • Use of breadboard, perfboard & PCB.
  • Application of transistor as amplifier and switch.
  • Use of different kinds of switches

Table of contents:

  1. Water Pump Dry Run Guard
  2. Arduino-Based-Smartphone-Controlled Robot Car
  3. Stereo Amplifier Using TDA7052 ICs For Portable Devices
  4. Computerized Universal Timer
  5. 1kW Sine Wave Inverter
  6. PIN Diode Based Fire Sensor
  7. Low-Cost Dusk-Dawn Controller
  8. Programmable On And Off Controller For 3-Phase Motor
  9. Countdown Timer
  11. Over-/Under-Voltage Protection Of Electrical Appliances

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