Design Your Own LI-FI Dongle And Speaker

by KNS Pvt Ltd
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Light Fidelity (Li-Fi) is a new paradigm in wireless communication. In this project, you can learn to design a Li-Fi dongle (transmitter) and speaker (receiver) for audio and music applications. The proposed system is a replacement for wired speakers that play audio signals received through the light.

Product Description

How It works?

1. The LED light in a room is used not just to light up the room but also to play music, thus giving benefits of both the worlds. Also, LED bulbs use 85 per cent less energy than
incandescent bulbs and last up to 20 times longer, whereas the majority of Bluetooth modules are battery powered and generally last a year or two only before they need replacement. Hence the proposed system is energyefficient over Bluetooth version.

2. You can receive Li-Fi data as long as you are in the range of the light being emitted by the LED light source. Hence, the range depends on the strength of the light being emitted.

3. Connectivity needs to be established between the Bluetooth transmitter and the receiver, whereas with Li-Fi any user can receive data and play music on his speaker by simply keeping the receiver in the range of LED light source.

4. The proposed system can be used with any audio system by just connecting the Li-Fi dongle to its audio output jack, with no pairing and connectivity requests. This overcomes the problem of connecting a Bluetooth speaker to audio systems that do not have USB port and Bluetooth support, which is otherwise a tougher task.

5. The proposed Li-Fi dongle and speaker costs lower than a Bluetooth dongle and speaker. It uses a Li-Fi dongle to transmit audio signals from a source such as mobile phone, and a Li-Fi speaker with solar cells at the receiver end to receive audio signals without wires. The proposed Li-Fi dongle is connected to the audio jack output available on mobile phones. It has an LED through which audio/music signals are transmitted as light signals. These light signals are captured by the Li-Fi speaker through the solar cell array.