Moisture Monitor For Plants

by KNS Pvt Ltd
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The circuit is based on CD4060 14 Stage binary ripple counter which provides a frequency at pin 7 of the CD4060 which is decreased at pin 4 and gives a train of pulses for the transistor to switch the buzzer


CD4060 is a ripple counter IC which is widely used in digital electronics and this circuit teaches a concept which can be used to innovate new circuits based on CD4060

Product Description

Over-watering and under watering both are harmful to plants. Roots need air as well as water. If the soil is constantly saturated, air cannot reach the roots and they suffocate. Also, excess water weakens the plant and makes it susceptible to various diseases, particularly fungal attacks. Underwatering, on the other hand, is equally harmful. Plants not receiving enough water drop from the top down and leaf edges turn brown. Moisture monitor provides a solution to the above problem by monitoring the moisture level of the soil and producing an audio visual alert when the moisture goes below a preset level, indicating that the plant needs to be watered.

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