Simple Automatic Water Level Controller

by KNS Pvt Ltd
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This is a simple Automatic water controller Kit which the users can assemble in minutes and starting experimenting with it. The circuit is built around a TIMER555 and a inverting buffer CD4049. Circuit works on a 12V DC supply. Three sensors are installed with the kit to indicate lower level, higher level and VCC. At bottom of the tank VCC is placed,lower level L is placed above the VCC and higher level H is placed at the top.

Get the kit now and build yourself a reliable water controller and get amazed by how this tiny little device takes care of water level in the tank!!


Things Which you can learn:

*Application of NE555 timer.
*Application of CD4069 as inverter.
*Application and connection of relay switches to control the on/off of appliances.

Product Description

Water-level controllers are common nowadays and have become essential device in conserving water which otherwise would get wasted as the tank gets full up to its brim. The one described here is built around timer NE555 and inverter buffer CMOS IC CD4049. It uses readily-available, low-cost components, and is easy to build and install on the over-head tank (OHT) to prevent wastage of water.


The circuit works off a 12V battery or 230V AC mains using a 12V adaptor. Since Vcc terminal is at the bottom of the tank, when the water level falls below sensor L, timer IC2 is triggered at pin 2 via inverters N1 and N2 and its output goes high. As a result, the output of timer IC2 goes high. Relay RL1 energises and the motor starts filling water in the tank. The motor remains ‘on’ even when the water level crosses sensor L.

As water in the tank rises to touch sensor H, timer IC2 is retriggered at pin 6 via inverters N3 and N4 and as a result, its outputgoes low. The relay de-energises and
the motor stops filling water in the tank. The motor remains ‘off’ even when the water level falls below sensor H. As water is consumed and its level falls below sensor L, the motor restarts.Thereafter, the cycle repeats.

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