CHIP-TALK Hobby Projects Book (Digital Edition)

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Electronics Field is very vast and for those who want to enter this segment in a systematic step by step method, the CHIP TALK offers the best platform where it provides basics of all the necessary concepts required to build projects and moreover it comes with a 40 tested projects circuits to boost your confidence in building and enjoying the projects.
CHIP-TALK Hobby Projects package includes components and breadboard for prototyping 40 fully tested projects. The book contains the fundamentals of electronics and 40 tested circuits and their descriptions.


Things which you can learn:

*Applications of different ICs like CD4011, CD4001, NE555, op amp etc.
*Application LED, IR LED, Variable resistor and capacitor, inductor.
*Application of L14F1.
*Application of ultrasonic transmitter and receiver.
*Use of breadboard.
*Application of transistor as amplifier and switch.
*Use of different switches like DPDT, SPDT, SPST.
*Use of relay.

Product Description

An Awesome platform for those who are looking to build and learn electronics project with easy access to all the circuits and necessary informations supporting the project.

CHIP-TALK Hobby Projects package includes components and breadboard for prototyping 40 fully tested projects. The book contains the fundamentals of electronics and 40 tested circuits and their descriptions. Below is the list of projects:

1.Circuit Symbols & conventions
2.Basic Tools and Test Equipment
Hand tools
Logic Probe
Trimming tool set.
3.Soldering/de-soldering equipment
4.Safety precaution for preventing electric shock
5.Ohm’s law
6.Fixed and Variable Resistors
Resistor Colour code and conventions
Naming Convention.
The E12 Range
The E24 Range
Simplifying The Color Code
Resistor wattage
7.Capacitors and capacitive reactance.
Colour coding and marking schemes for fixed capacitors
IEC letter and digit code for r & c values
Conversion table for capacitance values
8.Inductors (coils) and inductive reactance
9.Circuit assembly
Printed Circuit Board
10.Illustrations of some commonly used components
Tactile switch
Piezo Buzzer
Light Emitting Diode (LED)
7-Segment LED display
DIL/DIP switch
11.Stabilized Power-supply
12. Versatile TTL/CMOS Logic and Clock Probe

Part II
Section 1

12.UM66TXXX Melody generator-based projects
General Description
XXX suffix

13.Project 1. A simple melody player
14.Project 2. Melody player using speaker
Modifications UM66TXXS (single shot)
15.Project 3. Musical call bell
16.Project 4. Musical hold-on for Telephone
17.Project 5. Timer with Musical Alarm
18.Project 6.Intercom with Musical Ringtone
19.Project 7. Soft Musical Telephone Ringer
20.Project 8. Touch-sensitive Musical Bell with delay
21.Project 9. Musical Continuity Tester

Section 2

22. TTL and CMOS logic based circuits
Noise immunity
Propagation delay
Power requirements
Comparison. (CMOS VS TTL)
23. CD4011 quad 2-input NAND gate to realize:
Inverter. Or Not gate
AND gate
OR gate
NOR gate
XOR gate
24. NAND gate(s) based circuits
Project 10. A set-reset (Bi-stable) flip flop
Project 11. Touch Sensitive Alarm
Project 12. On/off Ringer
Project 13. Toilet Busy Indicator
Project 14. Electronic Direction Pointer
Project 15. Simple Soil Moisture level Controller
Project 16. Touch Sensitive Single-chip Flasher-cum-beeper
Project 17. Automatic Pump Controller
Project 18. Generating Three Tones Using a Single digital IC

Section 3

25. Timers and Counters
555 Timer and 556 dual Timer
Monostable mode (555 timer)
Astable mode (555 timer)
CD4017 counter
CD4026B and CD4033B Counters
26. Timer and counter based circuits
Project 19. Divide-by-N counter using CD4033
Project 19A. Divide-by-2 through 6 and 8 (using CD4033)

Project 19B. Divide-by-7 counter (using CD4033)
Project 19C. Divide-by-9 counter (using CD4033)
Project 20. Divide-By-N Counter Realization
Using 555, CD4033 And CD4017
Project 21. Telephone Call Counter
Project 22. Mains Interruption Counter with Indicator
Project 23. Timer For Students
Project 24. DICE with 7-segment display

Section 4

Project 25. Simple smoke Alarm
Project 26. Concealed AC mains line detector.
Project 27. Speed Control Of Dc Motor Using Pulse-Width Modulation.
Project 28. IR to RF Converter.
Project 29. Contactless Telephone Ringer.
Project 30. Preamplifier (signal booster) for FM Band.
Project 31. Condenser mike Amplifier.
Project 32. Cordless F. M Mike.
Project 33. Laser Controlled On/Off Switch
Project 34. Phone broadcaster
Project 35. Anti-theft Alarm.
Project 36. Touch Dimmer.
Project 37. Doorbell using UM3561
Project 38. Poor man’s Miniature hearing Aid.
Project 39. Line-powered two-tone ringer.
Project 40. Ding-Dong Bell.
Project 41. Rechargeable White LED Torch