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Raspberry Pi 3 Self Learning Kit Save Rs. 201.00
Rs. 6,700.00
Rs. 6,499.00

Raspberry Pi 3 Self Learning Kit

Raspberry Pi 3 Self Learning Kit

by KNS Pvt Ltd
Save Rs. 201.00
Rs. 6,700.00
Rs. 6,499.00


An awesome self-learning kit exclusively for those who are willing to learn and experiment the thing on their own. With detailed manual and step by step procedures, it is just a cake walk for engineers, DIYers and hobbyists to get started with the awesome projects. Stop thinking and get started.


* Introduction to RPI3
* Getting started with RPI from image booting to live desktop
* Learn basics of Python programming
* Introduction to sensor interfacing
* Basics of Raspbain OS on Linux platform
* Introduction to ADC(Analog to Digital converters)

It contains a list of 10 Projects tested, which you can make and experiment it with for your further development.

1 Led Blinking
2 Interfacing Light Dependent Resistor(LDR)
3 Interfacing MCP3208 12Bit Analog to Digital Converter
4 Interfacing of LM35 Temperature Sensor
5 Interfacing Passive Infrared Motion Sensor with Buzzer
6 Interfacing of 7 segment display
7 Interfacing of 2 channel Relay module
8 Interfacing of Ultrasound Module
9 Interfacing l293d Motor Driver
10 Interfacing of LCD 16*2 Module

Product Description

Tired of browsing the internet to learn RPI from the basics. Don't worry. KNS exclusively brings in you an RPI self-learning kit with a detailed step by step manual to help you get started with your projects. This also comes with a variety of sensors which you will learn on how to interface it and will also get all the codes for the project described in the manual
The manual consists of 10 projects which are tested and ready to rock to help to understand the basics of embedded systems.

This Kit is unique in terms of what it has to offer and is exclusively available on KNS only. It is a truly DIY kit for those who are looking to build cool awesome projects on their own.This kit will help you to transform yourself from a beginner to an expert in Developing projects using Raspberry Pi?

This kit includes
3.PIR sensor
4. Assorted resistors
6.Relay module
7.SD card with preloaded NOOBS
8.Patch cable
9.T cobbler adapter