Basic Electronic Kit + Soldering Kit For Starters

by KNS Pvt Ltd
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Are you looking for a project kit that you can solder? Check these out.


A simple electronic kit which is packed with all the important component to help you learn practically. It comes with components like NE555, transistors, resistors, breadboard, LEDs, general purpose PCB and a soldering kit.

Learning from the project

1. Learn about the architecture of breadboard and project implementation in breadboard
2. Learn about transistors as amplifiers, switches and also the types like NPN and PNP.
3. Learn about light emitting diode, its minimum bias current and the concept of forward and reverse bias modes.
4. Learn about NE555 timer IC as a pulse generator, oscillator, and a timer and its operation under different modes
i. Bistable
ii. Monostable
iii. Astable
5. Learn how to solder, different types of soldering, the importance of Dry Solder, the Minimum heat required to melt the solder.
6. Learn how to effectively use de-solder pump in removing the solder from the PCB

Product description

Want to get involved in electronics, but confused where to start. Do not worry, this basic electronic kit provides a perfect platform for people looking to learn practically by doing things.

This kit comes with accessories which are a must for beginners to gets their hands dirty. So stop thinking and buy this kit to get started on your dream to build electronic projects.

Kit includes

1.Bread Board: An extremely important tool for beginners to try different projects without the need of soldering
2.GPCB: General Printed Circuit Board: This is basically a General PCB where you can build your projects by soldering electronic components in it.
3.Resistors- A set of commonly used resistors which are essential in building simple electronic projects.
4.LED RGB - Light emitting diode, essential for making your projects interactive. Comes in Red, Blue and Green color.
5.Transistors - This is a very important component when it comes to amplifying the current in electronic circuits and also to acts as a switch.
6.NE 555 IC: used in a variety of timer, pulse generation, and oscillator applications.
7.Bread Board Wire - Single strand wire for breadboard use.
8.Soldering Iron - Important tool for soldering the components to PCB
9.De-soldering pump- Used to remove solder from PCB
10. Flux - For cleaning the Soldering rod and protect it from oxidization
11.Lead - The main solder which is melted to make electrical contact.