DTMF Based Home Security System

by KNS Pvt Ltd
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DTMF based home security used to secure our home from unauthorized person.


Embedded system

Product Description

Security prime concern in our day to day life.The microcontroller based digital lock presented here is an access control that allows, only an authorized person to access a restricted area.This system is based suitable for corporate offices, ATMs, home security. As a simple example, to lock our mobile phones keypads, a security code of at least 4 digits must be entered.

The system comprises a small electronic unit with a mobile keypad which is outside the entry door to control a solenoid-operated lock with help of D.C. motor. When an authorized person enters the predetermined password via the hand held mobile keypad from some other place, the stepper motor is operated for a limited time to unlatch the solenoid operated lock so the door can be open. At the end of the preset delay, the stepper is operated in the reverse direction and door gets locked again.

Brand: HBeonLabs Technology Pvt. ltd., Product assembled by HBeonLabs


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