Electronics For You (EFY) Magazine [Print Edition]

by EFY Group
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NOTE: This magazine is only delivered to addresses in India, and your subscription starts one month after purchase. If you are located outside India, please consider buying the EFY Digital Edition here instead.

Electronics For You launched almost 50 years ago in January 1969. It has today grown into South Asia's most popular electronics magazine with a reach of 500,000 technologists.

The magazine keeps the technology and electronics fraternity updated with the latest technical knowledge about new technologies, semiconductors, components, systems, tools, and techniques!

It regularly features industry experts and top-shots within its pages. It also keeps hobbyists busy with circuit designs and tested construction projects every month. Subscribe, and become a part of this half-a-century old community!

Electronics For You PLUS (EFY Plus), as the name suggests, is an upgraded version of Electronics For You magazine and printed on high-quality paper in a state-of-the-art printing press. A DVD filled with software for electronics professionals accompanies each issue of the magazine.

EFY Plus carries a special 8-page feature that details the software bundled in this DVD and the tips to use them. Catering to a special audience, EFY Plus has found acceptance from key players and readers alike and continues to be a special and focused publication.


The magazine includes the following types of content:

  1.  Smart World: collection of articles about the technologies driving IoT and a connected world
  2. Research & Development: stories about the cutting edge in research happening around the world on a variety of themes and topics
  3. Industry: Interviews and market surveys to give our readers more insight into what's driving the market
  4. Guides: these are guides for techies on a variety of interesting topics
  5. Do It Yourself (DIY): a curated collection of circuit designs and articles that help you build your very own projects!
  6. Software Articles: three software are reviewed each month in our magazine 
  7. Test & Measurement: What's new in test and instrumentation tools
  8. PLUS a whole lot more!