GSM Controlled Wireless Robot

by KNS Pvt Ltd
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This project we are going to control the ROBOT by using GSM SMS from the remote location. Commands received from the GSM mobile will be given to the GSM receiver.

Product Description

SMS Controlled Wireless Robot is automatic robots which capable of receiving a set of command instructions in the form of Short message service and performs the necessary actions. We will be using a dedicated modem/mobile at the receiver module i.e. with the robot it self and send the commands using SMS service as per the required actions.

The mobile unit which is dedicated at the robot is interfaced with an intellectual device called Micro controller so that it takes the responsibility of reading the received commands in the form of SMS from the mobile unit and perform the corresponding predefined tasks such as move front or back, left or right etc. The micro controller is also interfaced with few DC motors in order to move the robot in different directions. The ON and OFF of the DC motors depends on the direction it has to move which is the complete responsibility of the controller to make those intelligent decisions.

Brand: HBeonLabs, Product assembled by HBeonLabs


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