Home Appliances Controlling Using Bluetooth on Android Mobile

by KNS Pvt Ltd
Rs. 7,499.00

Product Description

Android based Industrial device controlling using Bluetooth can be used in Industries to control various electrical devices. The user has to install an application on his/her android mobile. Then the user can send commands to project using this android application. These commands are received using a Bluetooth receiver. Then respective relays are turned on which turns on the Electrical devices. For demo purpose, we have provided a 12volt Fan, a bulb, and a buzzer.

The technology is a never ending process and these technologies will tend to improve the quality of any product. To be able to design a product using the current technology which is beneficial to the lives of others is a huge contribution to the society. This paper presents the design and implementation of a low cost, tangible as well as flexible and secure cell phone based device automation system. The design is based on a PIC microcontroller board and the home appliances are connected to the input/ output ports of this board via relays. The communication between the cell phone and the BT board is wireless due to which the system can be used by any person who can operate an android phone. This system is low cost and scalable that allow a variety of devices to be controlled with minimum changes to its core.


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