Pre-placement workshop | Engineering 3rd and 4th years ONLY

by Module 143
Rs. 2,000.00
With the continuous change in technology and increasing competition, students are finding it very difficult to adjust to the after-college environment and corporate world. Add to that, the increasing demand for skilled freshers is something that has to be looked into.
             In order to meet these demands, students are taking different training workshops but not everyone can afford them. At Module143, we believe that such essential skills are essential to complete learning, but should also be affordable for students. With that in mind, we at Module143 are introducing a special PRE-PLACEMENT workshop for engineering students in the following streams: ECE, EIE, CS, IT, EEE.
This is a seven-day workshop, starting on 11th December 2017. Hurry up and register NOW!!
For a breakdown of the seven-day course, click here