Remote Control for Home Appliances

by KNS Pvt Ltd
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The Remote Control for Home Appliances can be used to switch ON and OFF any home appliance or electrical device with a single press of a TV/VCR/DVD remote control. This low-cost circuit is based on the CD4017 counter IC which receives trigger pulse from the IR sensor and switches ON the relay, through which electrical devices are switched ON. Upon receiving the 2nd pulse the device is switched OFF.

Get ready to control your home appliances from your TV Remote control and upgrade your home to a techie Palace!!


Things which you can learn:
*Application of the IR transmitter and receiver modules.
*Application of the decade counter IC CD4017.
*Use of relays to drive loads.
*Applications of Transistors as amplifiers

Product Description

The Remote Control for Home Appliances can be connected to many home appliances such as lamps, fans, radios, etc to make the appliance switch ON/OFF from a TV, VCR or DVD remote control. This circuit can be operated from upto 10 meters.


The 38kHz infrared (IR) rays generated by the remote control are received by IR receiver module TSOP1738 of the circuit. The output signal (from pin3) is amplified by transistor T1 (BC558). This amplified signal is fed to the clock pin (pin no.14) of decade counter IC CD4017 (IC1), pin 3 of which is connected to a red LED (LED1). This LED glows to indicate that the appliance is OFF. The output (pin no.2) of IC1 is connected to a green LED (LED2) and is used to indicate the ON state of the appliance. Transistor BC548 (T2) is connected to pin 2 of IC1 and drives the relay RL1.

The appliance to be controlled is connected between the pole of the relay and neutral terminal of mains. It gets connected to live terminal of AC mains via normally opened (N/O) contact when the relay energizes.

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