RFID cum GSM Attendance System

by KNS Pvt Ltd
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A person marks the attendance by swiping the tag near RFID reader module and the message will be sent whenever the card is swept or any attendance is marked.



Product Description

Attendance monitoring is very simple. This System assigns a unique card for each Student. A Student places the RFID card in the RFID card Reader. The RFID card Reader reads down the Student details. The details will be indicated on the LCD display and send through GSM modem to parents the display also indicates the current time. The Interface software is responsible to control the door depends upon the data base verification. The holding capacity (number of Students) depends upon the memory interfacing, i.e., whether interfacing with PC or separate RAM units. This project is implemented using RFID card reader, 89S52 microcontroller, driver unit for door/locker control and LCD display is used to display the tag details,

Brand: HBeonLabs, Product assembled by HBeonLabs


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