Sensor Based Solar Tracking System

by KNS Pvt Ltd
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Product Description

This is a power generating method from sunlight.This method of power generation is simple and is taken from a natural resource. This needs only maximum sunlight to generate power. This project helps for power generation by setting the equipment to get maximum sunlight automatically. This system is tracking for maximum intensity of light. When there is a decrease in intensity of light, this system automatically changes its direction to get the maximum intensity of light.

Here we are using two sensors in two directions to sense the direction of maximum intensity of light. The difference between the outputs of the sensors is given to the microcontroller unit.

Here we are using the microcontroller for tracking and generating power from sunlight. It will process the input voltage from the comparison circuit and control the direction in which the motor has to be rotated so that it will receive the maximum intensity of light from the sun.

The power generated from this process is then stored in a lead acid battery and is made to charge an emergency light and is made to glow during night

Brand: HBeonLabs, Product assembled by HBeonLabs.


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