Simple Projects You Can Make At Home

by KNS Pvt Ltd
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This book on home projects may be of interest if you are studying electronics, or if you are a hobbyist or a beginner and wish to learn electronics in a practical way. The projects in this book explain the working and construction of various circuits, which can be easily assembled at home with few basic tools. These projects are basically for domestic as well as hobby applications. However, some of these projects may also be found useful in industrial applications.

The book is divided into five sections Alarm, Controller and Indicator, Display and Lighting, Timer and Clock and Game. The Alarm section contains seven projects covering various alarm circuits including Electronic Bell System, Multichannel Fire Alarm System, etc. Some of these circuits can be used at homes as well as industrial buildings. The controller and indicator section contains twenty-four projects covering circuits like Digital Water-Level Indicator-cum-Pump Controller, DTMF Remote Control System, Long-Range Remote Control, etc. The Display and Lighting section contains eight projects including Economical UPS for Cordless Phones, Multi-Feature Emergency Light, Multilingual Numerical Display, etc. The Timer and Clock section contains twelve projects including Digital Clock with Seconds and Alarm Time Display, Programmable Digital Timer-cum-Clock, LED Analogue Clock, etc.

The Game section is specially included here for the students and beginners with the aim to encourage them to learn electronics while they play. It contains nine projects including, A Mighty Gadget with Multiple Applications, Digital Number Shooting Game, Electronic Housie Player, Video Car-Racing Game, The Mind Reader, etc.

Product Description



• Electronic Bell System
• All In One Alarm
• Multichannel Fire Alarm System
• Fire Sensing System
• 12 Tune Musical Door Bell
• Burglar Alarm to Protect Your Home
• Auto Shut Off Door Lock Alarm


• Digital Water Level Indicator Cum Pump Controller
• Ultrasonic Lamp Brightness Controller
• Sound Operated On Off Switch
• Remote Controlled Sophisticated Electronic Code Lock
• DTMF 8 Channel Switching Via Powerline
• DTMF Remote Control System
• Automatic Room Light Controller
• A Unique Liquid Level Indicator
• Intelligent Water Level Controller
• Automatic Submersible Pump Controller
• Tripping Sequence Recorder Cum Indicator
• Electrolysis Proof Complete Water Level Solution
• Long Range Remote Control
• Remote Controlled Switch Board
• Multiple Control Remote Switch
• Infrared Remote Control
• Auto Changing In out Indicator with Door Bell
• Safety Indicators and AIDS
• Watchdog For Your Mains
• Auto Protection For Refrigerator
• Clap Operated Remote Control For Fans
• Refrigerator Temperature Controller
• A Volunteer in the Kitchen
• A Day Indicator With Alphabetical Display


• Economical UPS For Cordless Phones
• Multi Feature Emergency Light
• Novel Mains Running Lights
• Spectacular Spectra
• Dynamic Psychedelic Lights
• Multilingual Numerical Display
• Electronic Advertisement Display
• Make Yourself This Beeper Cum Flasher


• Digital Clock Using Discrete ICs
• Digital Clock With Seconds And Alarm Time Display
• Simple Digital Clock With Hourly Music
• Digital Dial Clock
• Programmable Digital Timer Cum Clock
• Revolving Seconds Display
• Kettle Timer
• Melodious Digital Timepiece
• Improve Your Digital Clock
• Add Hourly Chime To Your Digital Clock
• LED Analogue Clock
• Make Yourself This Crystal-Controlled Electronic Digital Clock


• MGMA A Mighty Gadget With Multiple Applications
• Digital Number Shooting Game
• Party Game How Old Are You?
• Electronics Housie Player
• Digital Scoreboard
• Yoka Fun Box
• Video Car-Racing Game
• Make Yourself The Mind Reader - An Interesting Game
• Make Yourself This Digital Birth Date Teller As a Party Game