Live Webinar + Q&A on: ”Tools and Simulators for Private Cloud

by EFY Group
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As we know, cloud computing is one of the hot areas of research and even most widened area of attraction for all IT Corporates. Cloud Computing tools especially open source are widely adopted by organizations for implementations. The goal of this webinar is to aware of various Open Source Private Cloud Tools like NextCloud, Simulators like CloudSim, CloudAnalyst, and Green Cloud. 

Objective: Awareness regarding open source cloud computing tools and cloud simulators

Date: 14th September at 2:00 PM IST


Speech Content

1. Cloud Computing- Brief Aspects of Terminologies
2. Current Trends in Cloud Computing
3. Awareness of Cloud Computing - Private Cloud Tools
4. The highlight of Cloud Computing Simulators

Duration: 40 Min
What would attendee achieve after this:

1. Knowledge of Cloud Computing and even the awareness of modern trends
2. Awareness of tools that they can use for Implementation- Open Source along with its unique features
3. Ability to Research more on issues of cloud computing using open source simulation based tools.

About Speaker:

Dr. Anand Nayyar (Academician, Researcher, Author, Writer, Inventor, Innovator, Scientist, Consultant and Orator) received MCA from Punjabi University, Patiala in 2008 with Gold Medal and Distinction. He received his M.Phil in Computer Science in 2009 in 1st Division from V.M.U, Tamil Nadu. He received his M.Tech in Information Technology in 2011 with Distinction cum University Topper.  He has done his Ph.D. in Computer Science from Desh Bhagat University, Mandi Gobindgarh in 2017 in Wireless Sensor Networks, Swarm Intelligence and Network Simulation. (Topper in Course Work).

  • A Certified professional in 75+ International & Globally Recognized Professional Certifications:
  • He has published 260+ Research Papers in various National and International Conference and National and International Referred Journals.
  • He has published 18 Books in different subjects of Computer Science with National and International publishers. He has reviewed more than 5200 Research Papers for various National and International journals and various National and International conferences. 

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