Top 24 Innovations [Soft Copy]

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Featuring 24 innovative articles with 149 pages that shares insight on how you can make the most out of these projects. Our collections of some of the most interesting and innovative projects from all over India.

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Table of contents:

1) Sensy Remote

2) Lechal

3) Betty

4) Aurassure

5) HBand: Where Your Hand Becomes The Phone

6) Winkel Board: A Powerful Integrated Solution For Makers

7) Bolt IOT: Hardware And Cloud Platform For IOT Products

8) How Can IOT Smart Farming Actually Help Our Farmers?

9) Smartmoo: An Agri-IOT Revolution

10) Uncanny Vision Uses Deep Learning To Sense Unfamiliar Happenings

11) Wagr: Let Your Dog Wear Wagr

12) Connectivity That Saves Life

13) A Board For Creating Your IOT Product Faster

14) Energy Saving Pump Automation For Efficient Ground Water Use

15) CariQ's Guide To Data-Driven Intelligent Cars

16) Opekun: A Smart Packaging Platform For Safe, Secure Delivery

17) DUA: A Wish For Your Safety

18) Beaming Internet From Space Through Astrome

19) Diabeto: A 360-Degree Diabetes-Management Solution

20) Engineering Of Smart Retail Stores For India Should Begin From Now

21) Fighting Lifestyle, Mental Disorders In India Through IOT And Smart Concepts.

22) Real-World Deployment Of IOT In Agriculture: Meet METI's Smart Water Monitor

23) Can IOT Solve The Shortage Of Indian Doctors?

24) Issues Plaguing Smart Cities: How IOT Can Help Turn These Into "Purely" Smarter Ones

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